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William Daniel Clyne D.A.



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William Daniel Clyne Coast Festival Retrospective Exhibition, Banff Castle, 22nd to 25th May 2009


A visitor to the W.D.Clyne Retrospective


A photo of myself taken by Euan Shepherd which appeared
with others in the Banffshire Journal on 26th May 2009.


"A feast of art and culture"

"Thora Clyne admires this retrospective exhibition of her late brother William Clyne's work at Banff Castle. Mr Clyne spent a
year as an art teacher at the academy between 1949 and 1950, and produced this diverse collection of sketches and drawings
of Banffshire in the autumn and winter."
Another quote from Euan Shepherd from the front page:
"COASTING TO SUCCESS!  :- "Particular favourites over the weekend have been the Francis Boag exhibition and talk; the
metal casting workshops, which we could easily have filled four times over, given the amount of interest; the William Daniel
Clyne retrospective exhibition; the building wrap and the art and food fairs, which have been really busy, just as they were last year."
The second annual Coast Festival of the Visual Arts was again launched by First Minister Alex Salmond, in a special event
outside Banff Castle on the evening of 22nd May, 2009.

Side Street, High Shore
Ink  (13" x 10")
framed  155

Going to Post a Letter
W/c, gouache, ink  (13" x 17")
framed  275

  Harvest Studies
W/colour, ink  (13" x 10")
framed  145

Girl with Downcast Eyes
Ink  (8" x 7")
Private Collection
  Scene, Banff
Watercolour & charcoal  (8" x 12")
framed  145
W/colour, ink  (13" x 13")
Private Collection

Fiddle Player
Watercolour  (13" x 13")
framed  145
Chalk  (13" x 10")
framed  135
  Farm Buildings, Red Rooftops
Watercolour  (9" x 11")
framed  195


Horse with Farmhouse
Watercolour  (9" x 11")
framed  200


Going Fishing
W/colour, ink  (8" x 10")
private collection


N.B: "private collection" means that a painting has been sold.


  Farm in Angus
purchased by private collector from Hospitalfield Association Exhibition,
The Meffan, Forfar, September/October, 2013.'
Also visit the website: where can be found paintings by Thora Clyne and William D. Clyne in public collections where the works are not on view to the public.


I was delighted that the Director of COAST, Danielle Daglan along with the Board of Directors, headed by Bryan Angus,
presented a posthumous retrospective exhibition during the second COAST FESTIVAL OF THE VISUAL ARTS in a most
suitable venue space at Banff Castle, Banff, Banffshire, Scotland, of 49 works on paper created in 1949 by my oldest  brother,
William Daniel Clyne, while a temporary teacher of art at Banff Academy.  From these autumn pictures a selection is shown
here. The exhibition was well received by visitors to the Festival and more than two thousand people viewed it throughout the
event weekend and made enthusiastic comments. It was a special opportunity for myself to talk with those who admired and
welcomed the works. Several pictures were sold and also colour copies of some of the works were purchased.

A detailed biography and photograph of William (known as Dan to family, friends and tutors) can be viewed in the archive of the
website devoted to Hospitalfield, Arbroath at:

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