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Including Still Life


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The stillness inside a church; anticipation in the theatre or the lighting on a still-life arrangement all move me to catch the mood
of a magic moment.
I like to have such themes to work on in the studio where I can work at my own pace using sketches to stimulate my memory
and imagination.


Playing Poulenc
Acrylic on panel  (8"x 8")
framed  100
Hannah with Violin
Acrylic on canvas  (26" x 17")
unframed  p.o.a.
Flute Solo
Acrylic on panel  (8"x 8")
framed  100


 Mantillas And Moorish Jar
Tempera  (16"x 22")
unframed  175

Golden Leaf
Watercolour  (12"x 11")
unframed  135

Still Life With Red Jug
Tempera  (14"x 22")
unframed  175




Lilac And Gold
Watercolour  (14"x 20")
unframed   150

Etching  (6" x 8")
framed  100

Lilac And Gold
Oil  (22"x 30")
framed  685



Edinburgh Symphony Orchestra
Watercolour  (8"x 13")
print available  6

Leaf Shapes And Grapes
W'colour  (13"x 10")
framed  135

Still Life With Manx Cup
Ink and watercolour  (19"x 28")
framed  380



Postcard  40p



All is Blessed
Mixed Media (7" x 11")
(18" x 22" gilded frame, dbl mtd) 240
  Reflected Icon
Watercolour & collage 
(8"x 8")  framed  240
  Poppies and Paintboxes
Watercolour (22" x 30")
framed 750


Butterfly's Bed and Breakfast
Watercolour  (7"x 12")
framed  250


Lilac and Icon
Watercolour  (8"x 10")
framed  240


Tillyrie in Winter
Watercolour & pen  (21"x 29")
framed  450



Turnip Still Life
Pastel  (9"x 13")
framed  150


Frank's Flowers
Pastel  (25"x 20")
unframed  150


Hibiscus Flowers
W/col Pencil  (7"x 5")
framed  135



Conservation Piece
Oil on canvas  (17" x 16")


Reflecting Back  (with predella panels)
Mixed media  (framed size 39"x 36")


Mosaic Floor
Oil on canvas  (17" x 16")



Faded Opera
Oil on panel  (30" x 40")
framed  500


N.B: "private collection" means that a painting has been sold.



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Click here for Pictures from the William Daniel Clyne Retrospective Exhibition shown at Banff in May 2009

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